Anthony is a 12 Time National and World Champion Martial Artist.  Besides being a Black Belt Hall of Fame Martial Artist, Anthony is also a talented Actor, gymnastics tricker, dancer, and practicing pianist.

Anthony was honored to perform, with his sisters, for the "Enter the Dragon" Martial Arts Super Star Reunion in front of the legendary Bruce Lee cast of Jim Kelly, Bolo Yeung, Bob Wall, and John Saxon.

Besides extensive training in Chinese Martial Arts, Anthony has also trained in various martial arts styles which include: Kajukenbo, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Roman Greco Wrestling, and Krav Maga. 

Anthony has been featured and performed in Martial Arts Masters Demonstrations, commercials, T.V. spots, major newspapers, and numerous Martial Arts Magazines. Anthony's never-ending determination to strive for the best has made him one of the most well-rounded young Martial Artist and Entertainers in the world today.