Monique Magallanes
13 Time National and World Martial Arts Champion, Monique is One of the Top Martial Artist in the World Today. Besides being in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Monique is also a talented model, actress, dancer, singer and has earned an A.A. Degree in Physical Education with Honors. Monique was the former modeling face of and has appeared in numerous commercials and T.V. spots.

Monique was honored, along with her brother and sister, to perform at the "Enter the Dragon" Martial Arts Superstar Reunion in front of the Legendary Bruce Lee cast of Jim Kelly, John Saxon, Bob Wall, and Bolo Yeung.


Besides her expertise in Chinese Martial Arts, Monique has also trained in Kajukenbo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Krav Maga. Monique has been featured and performed in Martial Arts Masters Demonstrations, major newspapers, and numerous Martial Arts magazines. Monique is truly an extremely beautiful and amazingly talented young lady.

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Monique Magallanes